Unique Birthday Party Locations

21st birthday venues Melbourne are one day that every single one from kids to the adults eagerly await for every year. Everyone is super excited for celebrating their birthday in an exclusive way. Not only are the birthday guys or girls excited about this special day, so are the parents or friends or relatives. When it comes to arranging Birthday parties in New York City, the first thing that has to be done is to search for a happening venue. Either you go for a comprehensive package and enjoy a stress free party or go for managing it on your own. Here are some venues that you could consider, while planning a Birthday party to remember, a Birthday that would be power packed.

Carnival – This is one place that would make all the youngsters go crazy and all the adults feel like a kid again. A distinctive event space with distinct features for the perfect birthday, this place is a cocktail of boardwalk style gaming, superlative recreation facility, mouthwatering cuisine and insane music, the perfect recipe for a perfect party. This place is nestled over the Bowlmor Lanes in Union Square and should be quite an accessible venue for all your guests.

Hudson Terrace – A venue that is contemporary piece of art, an outstanding and panache venue for a arranging Birthday Parties in New York. Celebrating your B’Day at the aristocratic roof top bar would be quite an experience. The modern d├ęcor, outstanding catering, excellent service make it one of the most happening destinations particularly for elite Birthday parties.

300 New York – If you are a planning party with bowling theme, then 300 New York is 100% the venue you should be reserving for the same, when you plan a Birthday Party in New York. It renders comprehensive catering and enhanced food and beverage menus for a unique Birthday party arrangement.

Spin – Nestled in the picturesque flatiron district of Manhattan and covering a big space of 13000 sq ft, this is one happening hot spot for birthday parties that are a mix of music, merriment, sports like table tennis and more for that zing and different experience and nothing but full-on entertainment.

Tonic East – This roof top venue not only has a rocking name Tonic, in fact it is a tasty tonic for the invitees, unquestionably. Birthday parties in New York at this roof top are sure to be simply amazing with the DJ playing mind boggling music, the charismatic ambience and the, simply great cocktails. Rest assured, this multilevel sports restaurant is one of its kind with an elegant bar, a stunning patio, large screens for an incredible viewing experience topped with a cozy atmosphere and great vibes.

Pulse Karoake – Popular for its splendid lighting arrangement, fully stocked bars and New York’s only multimedia lounge, Pulse lounge should be a good choice for comprehensive musical experience.

Flute – If you are willing to splurge lots of dollars for a extraordinary experience which has the perfect recipe made out of sparkling cocktails, menu that gets your taste buds tickling and an ambience that has the flavor of the premium quality champagne, the Flute has to top your list to be venue for a top notch Birthday party in New York.

Empire Hotel – Synonymous to its name, The Empire hotel stands for panache and imperialness. If you have a lavish birthday bash in mind then this is one of the A-class venues for the New York Birthday. Housing lavish interiors, variety of cuisines and cocktails and more, one hot spot for a really titanic bash.

Ink 48 – An exquisite experience at an exotic location, that’s what Ink 48 is all about. This boutique Hotel presents panoramic shots of the city, though the interiors are so magnetic that you would not get over them for a long time. A fully equipped hotel with all the premier facilities, this place is but a package of luxury. It also offers thoughtful combination packages for a pocket friendly celebration.

Chelsea Piers – For an ultimate action and adventure packed B’day party this venue is the best option. It comprises of a vast water front spread over 30,000 sq ft. For Golfers or Golf lovers, & bowling enthusiasts, it would be a truly entertaining experience. This place has a variety of packages for birthday celebrations and parties, packages that are easy on your pockets at the same ensure a memorable experience.

Celebrating Birthday Parties is quite a task when it comes to making it a memorable experience. A right event space can make this task half easier and if the venue is equipped with comprehensive facilities that suit your budget than an explosive entertainment New York Birthday party is child’s play for the ones throwing the party and a treat for the ones who are invited.

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