Tips To Organize An Amazing Engagement Party

Red Spice Road is a unique South East Asian-style dining experience in the heart of Melbourne and by the way it’s also good for wedding reception venues Melbourne. Love together, laugh together, live life together – that is what a wedding is all about. In fact, one attains the very first realisation of this fact right on the day of engagement. Catering and parties are inextricable and a lot depends on the former. You can search for a catering service in Franklin, NJ to make your party mesmerizing and memorable.

Here are five tips to help you plan an awe-inspiring engagement party:

1. Decide who will host the party

Mostly bride’s parents host the engagement party but the trend is changing with changing times and anyone can host the engagement party. So it is better to decide who will host the celebration. Subsequent planning and arrangements depend upon the family who is hosting the party.

2. Fixing the budget

The next thing that immediately follows is the budget. Catering, camera recordings, venue, food, etc. depends on the budget. Everything depends on it. Therefore you must carefully and strategically decide the budget for your reception.

3. Properly scheduling the event

Fixing the date, time and venue of the engagement party is key to a great celebration. The date of the engagement reception should be not be kept to close too or too far from the date of proposal. The couple must get just time to know each other and should make their mind according to a married couple before throwing an engagement party. Generally organising engagement celebration after 2 to 3 months after the date of the proposal seems prudent.

4. Proper choice of venue

Venue of the party is like a runway of an airport. A lot depends on it. The venue can be a hotel, which can accommodate both formal as well as informal celebration, the house of yours or your relative, outdoor parks or grounds, etc. It all depends on the type of celebration you want to throw.

5. Choosing the correct food menu

Deciding the correct food menu for the engagement party is indispensable. Food menu generally depends on the time and the guests which you have invited. A formal celebration would focus more on drinks and starters whereas informal celebration would include any food item. The types of food also depend on the type of guests which you have invited. Formal parties are based on sit-down mill whereas informal celebration would include any clothing. It all depends on the type and venue of the party.

6. Apt distributions of the role

An engagement party involves many roles like hiring videographer, coordinator or catering. These roles must be distributed accordingly with full respect. You must consider these useful tips to organize a perfect engagement party. You must hire catering for birthday parties, baby shower, corporate events, engagement, wedding celebration and more etc. after going through the caterer’s reviews.