Which Six Food’s And Drink Pairings Will Give You Edges in This Rainy Season?

Chicken street tacos & margaritas

Guests who are fond of something like a little sweet and spicy, may try delicious Mexican food chicken street tacos with a frozen berry margarita. It’s a grand taste combination of the Central America region and one of the greatest food combinations which are offered by catering services in Sydney from time to time. Chilternscatering.com.au bbq catering Sydney is perfect for outdoor wedding receptions and graduation parties.

Cheeseburger & Shandy

Basically, this is a food fixture of summer season but despite that Shandy is considered as one of the most iconic drinks of the rainy season too. Just imagine while there is drizzling you are sipping the mug full with Shandy with a bite in the mouthwatering burgers those are served hot off the grill.

BBQ pork & Hard Cider

The unison of Apple and pork is very much popular specially to the barbecue lovers and some catering services in Sydney have already mastered it. Slow cooked pork sandwich with a frozen bottle of hard apple cider drink is will land you in heaven. The true connoisseur of barbecue can only get the essence of these food duo.


One cannot forget vegetable lovers. They always want something which will be healthy. Non-Alcoholic mix of half – lemonade and half iced tea with the vegetable burgers are the combination which will refresh these people to a great extent.

Smoked chicken & fruitarian drinks

The chicken is smoked and seasoned with all the proper spices. A tall glass of fresh fruits punch make a perfect balance of sweet to spicy saltiness.

Fish fillet & chardonnay

As bongs are fish savvy, catering services in Sydney are traditionally seasoned with lemons or garlic. Foodies can be enriched with the subtle taste of the fish fillet which will be grilled at just the right temperature with the time as it needs to make. It will then be wrapped up within a foil and served with a glass of chardonnay.

Making of perfect flavor combinations is an art and catering services in Sydney are always in research and development of these kind of great food combinations.

People behind the catering services in Sydney have always an innovative mind. Making a menu is something like crafting a successful list of foods which is inclusive of food, drinks which please everybody. Naturally, it is tough to make up one’s mind about which delicious food is best paired with which beverage. Here are six food and drink pairings those are offered by the promoters of catering services in Sydney in the rainy season. Try also night meals from Chilternscatering.com.au.