Which Meat Should I Buy For a BBQ ?

If you love BBQ events then we should celebrate this year but be cautious because covid-19 is still there. It is hard to please guests when it comes to hosting a BBQ as everyone has got their own individual tastes and preferences.

If you too are struggling to buy BBQ meat for your party, the best approach we can recommend is either investing in a BBQ selection pack or ensuring you buy some of the following:

BBQ Selection Packs

These are great as they can offer you a variety of different meats to suit everyone’s taste buds and save you the daunting task of having to buy burgers, sausages and steaks separately.

The best selection packs, should always include the following combination of beef burgers, sausages and chicken. These can be mixed up slightly to offer a particular type of chicken cut or sausage i.e. chicken supremes or Cumberland sausages; however fundamentally as long as you have got each of these in your pack you should be able to cater for everyone.

For a more interesting BBQ experience, you can also consider introducing a more varied selection to your BBQ.

Ribeyes, pork loins and gammon steaks can add a really interesting twist to the flavours floating around your BBQ and are bound to satisfy the meat lovers amongst your friends. However, should none of your friends be into ribeyes, pork or gammon, you can easily save these for another special occasion i.e. a dinner party or a romantic meal…

Can I buy sausages separately?

There is nothing wrong with buying your BBQ meat separately, if you know the right sources for making sure you don’t spend a fortune.

Online wholesale meat suppliers are often a good starting point as they can offer you the same quality meat sold by other suppliers but instead allow you to buy meat online at distinctly discounted prices…

The other advantage of buying your BBQ meat through a wholesale meat supplier is that they often sell their meat in mass. This means, not only can you buy steak online at affordable prices, but you can also acquire up to 10 fillet steaks when most suppliers will only give you 2.

Similarly by selling their BBQ meat in mass i.e. as full fillets or pork loins, you can also benefit from being able to carve these fillet steaks into portion sizes of your choice. From 2oz to 8oz, you can dictate how long your meat lasts and witness real value for money!

So if you are interested in buying BBQ meat online, and making the most of the warm weather, the safest and most affordable way to create the ultimate BBQ experience is to either buy selection packs or in mass…

Giving you the freedom and the means to cater for all your guests needs, you can feel confident that you have got everyone’s meaty cravings covered.