Unique Website Takes the Tension, Confusion Out of Planning Special Events and Weddings

SOUTH FLORIDA – For those beginning the planning process for a corporate event, wedding, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, there is perhaps no greater challenge than finding the proper venue. The team building activities is really great bonding with employees so that they will no each others likes and dislikes, but it can’t be completely fun without food.

“After that, pretty much everything else seems to fall into place,” said one prominent South Florida event planning and catering professional. “Once the venue is selected, we can begin the process of planning menus, décor, and the theme of these special days.”

Thanks to the recent launch of an innovative web site — www.southfloridaeventvenues.com – much of this confusion has been eliminated for those seeking untraditional venues spanning from Palm Beach to The Keys.

The site is the result of a collaboration of the leading event planning and catering professionals in the area.

“This site, quite frankly, is the most comprehensive resource for people hoping to find truly unique locations,” said another event planner. “It’s not necessarily for those who want to have an event at a hotel, country club or banquet hall.

“The people who benefit the most are those with a vision of an exotic, memorable event. This educational site solves a problem.”

The other advantage is the cooperation of planning professionals who are participating in this site.

“Our industry has become somewhat specialized at this level,” said one planner. “Some focus on indoor/outdoor venues. Others have access to certain types of venues and locations. It just makes sense for so many reasons. They key is that potential clients are now able to make an educated decision on the process.”

The site features hundreds of unique event venues that include aviation hangars, the Coral Gables Museum, rustic settings in the Redlands area in southwest Miami/Dade county, secluded resorts in the Keys, and many more.

But there is much more on this comprehensive, educational site.

The site opens to a comprehensive questionnaire that begins the process of site selection. The questions include:

  • Location: Palm Beach to Monroe counties
  • Projected number of guests
  • Look/feel of the event (i.e. traditional rustic, historical, retro, etc.)
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • Length of the reception
  • Time of year
  • Projected budget

Visitors are then guided to a gallery of venues, featuring pictures, descriptions, and the types of events that have been held at these locations.

Other features of this site include:

  • Search for a venue by style, location, etc.
  • A comprehensive “Frequently Asked Questions” section
  • Access to “Live Chat” with event professionals

Visitors also have the option of providing their contact information so they can be contacted by the most appropriate planner/caterer from the list of participating professionals.

“This site basically saves everyone a significant amount of time,” said another event planner. “It gets the client to focus on important issues such as budget, dates, type of event and venue, and number of guests. Once those decisions are made, they can move forward with the appropriate event professional.”

About SouthFloridaEventVenues.com

SouthFloridaEventVenues.com is a collaboration of the leading event planners and caterers in South Florida. Its mission of the interactive site is to provide a comprehensive venue resource for those seeking a truly unique and untraditional “special day” at more than 100 locations spanning Palm Beach to Monroe counties. If you are planning to get an event planner all I can recommend is to visit us.