The Important Questions to Ask Your Caterer

Catch up with friends and family for a Sydney picnic spots with a view at Birchgrove’s Ballast Point Park. A good dinner is just one of the important elements your guests will remember. Now it will be hard to choose a caterer that can accommodate what both families like. This article will help you with choosing between the different catering pros. If you remember these tips, then your entrees should turn out just as anticipated.

What to ask Your Caterer

What options do you have available? Does it include? Get a full understanding of what packages your caterer offers before discussing money. They should have a vast array of solutions available.

Have you been to my venue recently? Some caterers make the food at the reception site to make sure it is hot out of the oven. The catering company needs to be aware of the limitations of your facility. This might affect what food is available and how it is prepared.

Does your company have a bartending service? Whenever you can… BUNDLE services! This will save you more money in the long run. It also reduces the amount of stress you have to worry about (one less vendor to deal with). If the caterer doesn’t have a bartending services, ask if their staff will still pour the drinks for the toast. Last thing you want to worry about is having your bridal party pour the drinks right before the speeches.

Are there any charges for opening/corking? I briefly touched on this in the previous paragraph, and you should have a heads up one these charges. You want to avoid them from sneaking in these costs last minute.

What is the date that I need the final head count? Your guests list is one of the hardest things to control. It is hard to get the final numbers and also anticipate who gets invited and who does not. Usually 13% – 17% won’t be able to make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Always round up in your numbers, this way if more people show up you will be prepared.

Does your catering company prepared meals for guests that have specific requests. Maybe 98% of your guests will eat the food on the menu, but what about the other 2%. Remember that some of your family and friends might have get allergic from your choices.

Does your company have the utensils and dinning-ware? Typically, your weddings site will have this available. Sometime you need to rent plating because the wedding is being held outside at a house. Reputable companies that do many events will have china and flatware available.

Do you rent and layout tables/chairs/linens. Some events are held outdoors this would mean the company that provides the tent would provide other rentals. If the tent company is not renting you chairs, then who is? There are other vendors that specialize in this line of work. Who knows, your catering company might be able to work some tables and chairs in to the deal. Make sure whoever it is, that they go over your floor plan.

What is your company attire? Any caterer should have a uniform for their employees. What if your party is being planned around a theme, can they dress the part? You want to make sure that your family and friends can quickly identify the banquet staff.

What is the deadline for finishing our menu? Typically, you will have date to pick your final selections. Your wedding caterer needs to know what ingredients to buy, and hopefully, they are not seasonal. Once you have decided notify your caterer immediately.

Does your service include a wait staff? This might seem like a no-brainer, but the amount of guests you invite will determine how much wait staff they will need. This type of service is usually included with any caterer.

Can I contact some of your recent clients? It is very important for you to do your homework before signing the contract. Get a handful of references from previous weddings! I don’t think that people from 1982 would be a good starting point (they probably won’t be able to recall the service). If they provide only 3 references, request several more. If that’s all that they can provide, then move on to the next company.

When do you recommend I reserve my date? The better companies book events far in advance, it might even be 3 years out. Twelve months is standard for popular dates. Sundays & Fridays might be more open. You might even consider having your reception in a slower time of the year (NOV through FEB). If so, then try to get a winter wedding package.

If I cancel, what is your policy? We all know that things happen, especially when you’re planning a wedding that is over a year away. It happens to everybody whether we like it or not. It is a commonly asked question that your vendor should be able to answer for you. The retainer is typically non-refundable. The reason they have this policy is because they turn down dozens of prospective clients to make sure they are available for your date.

What kind of retainer do you require? You also want to know what percentage it is of the total packaged price. In order to set aside your wedding date, they will require the money and a signed contract. The standard is 50%, and most vendors will ask for the outstanding balance (14) days before your celebration.

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