Selecting Engagement Party Venues – Some Important Considerations

Mantra on Russell offers sophisticated event venue hire Melbourne for business or leisure. When the couples get engaged officially, they wish to celebrate the occasion with their loved ones like friends, family and relatives. Therefore, hosting an engagement party is the solution, and the trend is not new. However, the change in trend can be clearly seen in the way these celebrations are planned. Couples love to throw a grand bash at any of the fantastic engagement party venues Brisbane. The selection of venue depends on a number of factors.

Number of guests

It is the most important thing helping you decide the kind of venue you need to hire. The number of people you wish to invite is the big factor. If you want it to be a family affair, then a small venue would work, but if the number of attendees is large, then the venue must be spacious enough to accommodate them comfortably.


Conveniently located party venues are given the first preference. While deciding the spot, you must ensure that it is suitable for you as well as the guests to reach. Accessibility and connectivity to road are also important in selecting the location.

Food and drinks

Arranging for the food and drinks, etc. for your guests is another big problem, which must be resolved. Ask the manager for the facilities and arrangements to entertain your guests. If they offer catering services too, then you need not to worry about anything else. However, you need to ask the manager clearly about each and every detail of the services offered to avoid last minute hassles. It is better to visit a Woolloongabba Restaurant offering party venues to ensure better facilities.

Budget constraints

It is the major deciding factor when planning the engagement venue. The services, facilities and arrangements you are looking for must meet your monetary constraints. You must have planned how much money you can spend on the party so decide accordingly.

Apart from aforementioned points, another thing to consider is the availability of your venue on the specified date. If it is not available, then you need to look for other options. For this, you can pen down certain names from the web and then enquire them about the availability of services, charges, facilities, etc. to ensure you will have best arrangements on the big day. If possible, visit all of them personally to discuss various things on your wish-list. A personal visit will also let you discuss important points like how the arrangements will be made to ensure you will get your expectations met exactly.