Engagement Party – Special Day For Couples in Their Life Time

Start by mingle with family and friends as you graze on a selection of seasonal canap├ęs designed by our award-winning chefs at your hens night venues Melbourne. Engagement parties are the best ideas to celebrate a little occasion with full joy and happiness. Engagement parties are generally the idea of young generation. In earlier times for an engagement groom have to ask for the hand of bride from the bride’s parents but in today’s era these parties are great support of this process. In engagement parties groom announce the name of the bride and in front of all he ask for the bride’s hand from her parents and that’s make the occasion more special and charming. Although engagement parties are meant to be the celebration after engagement but some utilize them for the engagement announcement and sometime it really works. In these parties what generally have observed is groom bent on his knees and offer the ring to bride asking her for the engagement.

The best gift of engagement is a ring from groom to the bride but it won’t work alone as gifts are the special way of showing love. There are many options for couples that you can go for. Some gifts which are very unique listed below:-
1. Engraved photo frame
2. Crystal flutes
3. Wedding countdown clocks

And many more are available. An engagement gift is a way to congratulate the future bride and groom lots of love and good luck. So while selecting these gifts one should keep in mind the rite type. Young people generally give gifts which attract their age but old people according to there tradition give the future bride and groom a simple card and envelop with some money in it.

Invitation cards are the simplest and common way to invite some one. In an engagement invitation card there is not much things mentioned as in wedding cards they are just simple and easily designed. Invitation can be sent through hand to hand cards and by mailing also. Now you can even design your own invitation card on your PC’s and sent to all your friends. The colour of the invitation card should be as simple and light as it can be because it gives a different attraction to it.

Now party ends up and its time to thank those who made this party special. The guests and family people are the true essence of party. We can thank these guests and hosts by giving them some gifts and flowers as they gave us there precious time and made our celebration more memorable. So some thank giving gifts which can be given are:-

1.Choclate boxes
2. Flowers
3. Boxes of sweets
4. Frames.
These are some of the beautiful gifts which simply show gratitude and thankfulness towards the guests and hosts.