Reiki – Energy As Medicine

Enhance your knowledge and expertise and increase your client base with a contemporary Pilates teacher training Sydney. With such a broad categories as “energy” and “medicine” it’s not surprising that the Wikipedia definition has two different meanings: energy medicine that is known to humankind – “veritable” (by this they mean energy that science has verified) […]

Are You Ready to Hit the Slopes?

We spent two days shredding it on the slopes of one of the best ski Canada resorts in Canada. Skiing is a sport that’s undoubtedly been growing in terms of popularity. An increasing number of people are interested in heading off to the leading ski resorts in Europe and beyond. Although the current economic climate […]

Arranging Meetings and Conferences – Choosing the Right Venue

Booking a meeting venue or arranging a conference can often fall to receptionists, secretaries and PA’s, who may have little experience in events planning and find a small function rooms Melbourne. There are many aspects to planning conferences and events, from finding the right venue, booking caterers, arranging accommodation, parking, PA systems and much more. […]